Willie Nelson Finally Revealed Who In The White House Let Him Smoke Pot On The Roof

Greener Culture September 3, 2015 0
Willie Nelson Finally Revealed Who In The White House Let Him Smoke Pot On The Roof

Earlier this year, Willie Nelson announced perhaps most no-brainer slam dunk idea of all-time when he decided to partner with a group to start franchising marijuana dispensaries nationwide. Sitting down with GQ to talk about the forthcoming stores, having a smoke off with Snoop Dogg, and a lot of other topics, Willie stumbled upon a topic that has been mentioned before, but never quite confirmed. He has told the story of how he smoked weed on the roof of the White House several times, including earlier this year on Jimmy Kimmel, but we never quite knew if it was the truth or telling stories out of school.

Now, courtesy of GQ, we can safely say it did happen, as well who let it happen.

GQ: Wasn’t it Jimmy Carter’s middle son, Chip?

And then there’s a pause, not too long, but long enough that I feel pretty sure he wasn’t expecting this name. And long enough that I know the name is right. But then—and maybe there’s just a quarter of a second of delete/fast-forward, and a decision is made that there’s no longer any point in getting too hung up about this—he rolls amiably on with the conversation.

WN: “Looked a lot like,” he says. “Could have been, yeah.”

It’s always the middle child who is up to the most mischief, isn’t it? Well, just to be double sure, GQdid their due diligence and called up a now-65-year-old Chip Carter to verify the story, to which Carter replied, “Well, he told me not to ever tell anybody.” But when GQ pressed for anymore info, it didn’t go as well.

Then I continue, inquiring whether I can ask [Carter] some more about what happened.

“No,” he says. “No, you can’t. Thank you.”

There you have it! Willie Nelson was let onto the roof of the most sacred residency and office of these United States and sparked up with the president’s son’s approval. God bless Willie Nelson.

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