Marijuana cultivation build-outs most expensive in Arizona, Colorado

Greener Culture February 20, 2015 0
Marijuana cultivation build-outs most expensive in Arizona, Colorado

There can be extensive build-out costs in outfitting buildings for medical marijuana cultivation – and Arizona has some of the highest build-out costs in the country as a legalization effort could find its way on the 2016 ballot.

Jiyan Wei is the founder of BuildZoom Inc., the company analyzing building permit and construction data.

Wei and BuildZoom writer Greg Clifton found that behind Colorado – where marijuana is legal – Arizona has some of the highest construction build-out costs in the U.S.

BuildZoom data found it cost $764,400 to convert a warehouse building on McDowell Road west of Interstate 17 into a cultivation facility.

The property is home to Nature’s AZ Medicines dispensary.

It cost another $241,400 to convert another building at Encanto Boulevard and Interstate 17 into what is now Encanto Green Cross Dispensary.

There are plenty of rules and regulations placed on medical marijuana facilities in Arizona and other states. But there are also advantages to building enclosed cultivation farms in warehouses, according to Clifton.

Growers can control conditions and crops cannot be stolen.

Four states – Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado – have legalized marijuana beyond for just medical use.

There could be Arizona ballot measures in 2016 legalizing marijuana for recreational use and allowing for regulated hemp farming. Hemp is the industrial and non-drug form on cannabis.It can cost a pretty penny to convert a warehouse into a marijuana cultivation facility.

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