American Cannabis Helps Navigate the Cannabis Industry

Greener Culture December 8, 2014 0
American Cannabis Helps Navigate the Cannabis Industry

The U.S. cannabis industry could be worth $35 billion in 2020 if all 50 states legalized the drug and the federal government ended its prohibition, according to a report from GreenWave Advisors. Even if the federal government doesn’t end prohibition and the trajectory of legalization continues on its path, the industry could still reach $20 billion in size by the analyst’s estimate.

American Cannabis Company Inc. AMMJ, -12.51% provides the end-to-end solutions needed by aspiring and existing participants in the cannabis industry as legalization efforts continue to gain steam. Through its two subsidiaries, the company provides consulting services to help companies navigate the complex industry and a group purchasing organization to help businesses run smoothly and profitably.

Management’s goal is to provide a win-win-win value proposition for the industry by helping clients navigate the tricky regulatory and operational landscape, providing patients with great products and medicines, and generating value for shareholders by profitably growing its operations over time. Combined, these attributes could make for a compelling investment opportunity in the space.

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Consulting, Management & Operations

American Cannabis Company helps clients generate a comprehensive strategy based on market need and growth opportunities by addressing everything from site selection and design to license procurement and facility build-outs. With the industry’s dynamic regulatory landscape and financial limitations, these services are invaluable to companies looking for a smooth entry into the industry.

Once its clients receive regulatory approval, the company provides ongoing yield analysis, workflow evaluations, and growth strategies to be responsive to changes in law, address consumer demand, and seize new opportunities. The firm also helps with equipment purchasing, recruiting, irrigation, and any other aspects of the growing process that could benefit from its management expertise.

Finally, the company’s Trade Winds division provides access to all of the operational supplies needed through its group purchasing organization. These products include The Cultivation Cube for highly efficient, self-contained growing operations, SoHum Living Soil for an organic growing medium, and automated irrigation systems to prevent overwatering and save on critical resource costs.

Profitable & Growing Operations

American Cannabis Company differentiates itself from many other cannabis companies with its profitable and growing operations. During the third quarter of 2014, the company reported revenue of $482,000, up from $20,605 a year ago, and net income of $75,238, compared to a year-ago loss of $(181). The firm also maintains a positive quick ratio with shareholders’ equity of $40,573.

In its latest 10-Q filing, the company reported growth in its client base and volume of operations as its business has matured. Consulting services represented about 64.8% of its total revenue, while products and equipment accounted for 35.2%. These dynamics suggest growth in its consulting client pipeline that could translate to increased business for its products and equipment in the future.

Deferred revenue of $184,000 suggests that the company’s backlog has been on the rise, while costs and staff additions show that it’s gearing up for ongoing growth. In the press release announcing the quarterly earnings, management indicated that it is strategically managing its assets to support revenue growth while maintaining maximum gross and operating margins to bolter profitability.

Management’s Stake in the Game

American Cannabis Company has an experienced management team with significant skin in the game. Chief Executive Officer Corey Hollister was co-owner of a Colorado-based medical marijuana center, providing him with invaluable insights into the industry. In addition to his experience in the cannabis industry, Mr. Hollister also managed advertising projects for major brands like Puma and DHL.

Chief Development Officer Ellis Smith has over 15 years of horticulture experience, eight years of owning/operating businesses, and two years of international business in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia. Chief Operating Officer Trend Woloveck and Chief Technology Officer Anthony Baroud round out the executive team with significant experience in operations, finance, technology, and business development.

It’s worth noting that these executives own significant stakes in the company and haven’t sold shares in any recent Form 4 filings with the SEC. Mr. Hollister and Mr. Smith both own 31.38% stakes, while Mr. Baroud owns 11.77% of the company, which amounts to 74.53% of the company. With a relatively small float, the stock could see quick upside if management’s successful in achieving its goals.

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