Medical Marijuana For The Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

Greener Culture November 5, 2014 0
Medical Marijuana For The Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

With all of the current hype over medical marijuana and the uses it has, there are also an increasing number of reports being issued by the medical community every day about the positive effects marijuana has on a variety of mental illness. Bipolar disorder is one of those ailments which benefits from the use of medical marijuana.

Bipolar disorder is a disorder in which there is a chemical imbalance of the brain. There are times when people with bipolar disorder feel exceptionally happy and excited for no apparent reason, and other times when they feel completely opposite on the other end of the spectrum, so to speak, and are extremely depressed. They have bouts of anger and rage, as well as an increase in insomnia on occasions, and require very little sleep. Oftentimes, those with bipolar disorder do not want to eat, because they have no appetite. There is a broad spectrum of symptoms in which someone with bipolar disorder may face on any given day. What one might feel today may be completely different from the range of emotions they may feel tomorrow.

Medical marijuana has been proven to benefit these patients in that it can help with appetite, and they bring mood elevators to the parts of the brain which are not normally existent in the brains of bipolar individuals. Medical cannabis is can also help with insomnia as it can cause the need for sleep, and it can also manic episodes, as well as focus.

In many states, the use of medical marijuana has already been approved in some form or another to treat myriad ailments. Medical marijuana can come in many forms. The most typical forms are in its natural herbal form to be smoked to get the effects of weed, or in capsule form to be swallowed. It can also be cooked into food, or made into an oil form. Lastly, it can be injected through THC injections.

Medical marijuana may be able to be used in supplement of other harsher, more potent chemical drugs such as prescription medications. A lot of times, patients with Bipolar disorder will be prescribed Anti-Psychotic medications, which come with a whole list of side effects that are scary and unpleasant.

Check with your doctor and find out if medical marijuana may be the right treatment option for you.

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