HelloMD Brings Medical Marijuana Physicians Directly to Your Smart Phone via New App

Greener Culture March 22, 2016 0
HelloMD Brings Medical Marijuana Physicians Directly to Your Smart Phone via New App

HelloMD today announced the launch of an Apple iOS smartphone App that will allow patients throughout California access to medical marijuana consultations, dispensaries, and the ability to join and securely share records with participating dispensaries and providers.   The App offers full on-demand video contact with doctors seven days a week, and compliments the already successful browser based service accessed by thousands of patient’s each week.

The HelloMD App also streamlines compliance with CA State medical marijuana laws for both the patient and the cannabis product provider (dispensaries, delivery services, and retailers). When using the App, patients are able to securely connect with a participating delivery service or dispensary, sign necessary legal agreements and provide a copy of the doctor’s recommendation, directly from their hand-held device.

“The medical marijuana industry has lacked robust technology solutions to manage patients and compliance, forcing providers and dispensaries to use manual processes and to shuffle a lot of paper,” stated Mark Hadfield, HelloMD’s CEO and Founder. “Our new App, combined with our feature rich back-end, is tackling a problem that has caused frustration to providers and patients every day. Waiting in-line to register and join a dispensary is both inconvenient and ultimately bad for business.”

In the medical cannabis industry many patients still experience negative attitudes and stigma associated with trying cannabis products for the first time. They may be reluctant to address the subject with their regular physician, or may feel uneasy about visiting a marijuana dispensary. The HelloMD App technology allows new patients to connect with a knowledgeable medical professional, providers, and delivery services with complete discretion, when they want, wherever they want.

HelloMD launched its service in April of 2015, and has experienced rapid growth since then with patients and providers joining at an exponential rate. It now has one of the largest patient communities in the country, adding thousands of new patients each week. The company anticipates further growth as millions of consumers embrace the use of medical cannabis products for health and wellness worldwide.

“We see a real knowledge gap as patients enter the marijuana market for the first time,” stated Dr. Perry Solomon, HelloMD’s Chief Medical Officer. “After meeting with one of our doctors, patients have numerous questions concerning where to go next, which products may work best for their specific needs, and where to go purchase those products. We are bridging the gap and solving these problems for the patient as we move forward in expanding our service and brand nationally and globally.”

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